3 Tips for Marketers to Improve Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication

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In these perilous economic times, 3 tips for marketers to improve crisis communication are worth the time to consider. As any crisis becomes more visible, we seem to respond as though it is not happening at all. The tendency to just close our eyes and not get involved or react any more is dangerous. In an attack like this, the lines of communication have been broken and bad decisions have been made.

It is amazing how much time people will waste texting and phoning their friends and relatives during a crisis. Take a moment to pause and listen carefully to what is being said and take a stand. If someone is talking to you about a loved one who is missing, take a moment to let them know you are thinking of them and you will do anything to help. If someone needs urgent transportation, take them to the location instead of standing there and making suggestions while they try to call someone else for help.


The time for procrastination has long since gone by. If someone has a legitimate concern, take immediate action to solve the problem. Don’t put it off; it only causes the problem to get worse. Time is of the essence and if you can use that to your advantage, you’ve taken a moment away from the situation and made someone else step up and take care of the issue.


There’s a good chance you’re sitting in front of your PC and your email is whacking away nonstop. Take a moment to get in the habit of reading and responding to your emails. They will make you feel important and valuable. Also, they give you a chance to display your skills. Showing you know how to prioritize your time will cause others to do the same.


Sometimes the best time to take a break from the Internet is when your mind is clear from the constant stimulation. Take a moment to close your eyes and breathe deeply. You will immediately find yourself with renewed energy and an ability to focus on problems at hand. This can be a great tool in order to get the job done and accomplish goals.


Take the same amount of time each day and work towards one goal. Use the five or ten minutes each day wisely. Use your time as an opportunity to evaluate what you are doing that can be improved and explore new ways of doing things. If you take the same amount of time on each day, but do it with more passion than ever before, you will see amazing results.


Marketing is a competitive arena. It is a time where each person is trying to prove themselves and their abilities to make their product or service the best. Use this competition to your advantage and never let up. You will be amazed at the difference each day of marketing can make for you both personally and professionally.


Take the time to get a clear vision of the future. You may have seen many different ways in which your business is headed. Figure out where you want to be and how long you plan to stay there. From there you can start to implement the tips for marketers to improve crisis communication. Work hard and stay focused. The results you are looking for will come.


Be thankful for the time you have to work with the team. Make sure all your team members know how much they are appreciated. Give them a feeling of knowing they have helped you achieve your goals. They will work harder to make sure they hit those goals for you. This alone will help you not be so distracted by the chaos of everyday life.


Plan your business. Take a look at your expenses and decide if there is anything you can do to decrease them. Do whatever it takes. You don’t have to be a millionaire or have the greatest office in the world. Just find ways to save money while you are working.


Take the time to enjoy yourself. Your attitude has a lot to do with how you communicate and solve problems. If you take the time to enjoy your work, you will have more energy for the work you do. Crisis communication can be a little tough, but following these tips for marketers to improve crisis communication should help you get through it. Good luck!


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