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Keeping up with changing customer expectations is a challenge for marketing professionals. One of the most common questions I hear from marketers is "How can I ensure my messages are getting to the right people at the right time?" The answer is always, "Do what you do best." This begs the question, "What can I do to better understand what customers are asking for and how can I create a more personalized experience for them?"

In today’s marketing environment, customers are becoming more demanding. One of the biggest trends in marketing is incorporating social media into both the client and agency sides of the relationship. Companies are choosing to get out their social and professional networking chops to tap into new client and employee demographics. As a result, asking the question, “What can I do to better understand what customers are asking for?”


There are four main channels to consider. They are: Digital channels iPhones, iPads, smart phones, and laptops. They give the customer a quick and easy way to interact with the business. With the advent of mobile computing, customers have the opportunity to stay in touch and stay connected. Social media has also made it possible for customers to stay in touch with one another through social networks and viral channels such as Twitter and Facebook.


Video marketing is a very interesting channel for two reasons. First of all, this channel allows marketing professionals to get into the customer’s mind. Customers are visual beings, and this is a great opportunity to show them what kind of services and/or products they’re interested in. But it’s also a great opportunity for marketing professionals to show off their skills.


YouTube is another highly-visible channel which many people are already familiar with. It’s free, easy to use and can be used to promote almost everything. However, marketers need to be aware that users aren’t likely to watch videos that they didn’t intend on watching. Videos need to be carefully planned out and keywords to target customers.


Mobile apps are another important channel that must be used in keeping up with changing customer expectations. These apps allow customers to do practically anything with their phones-customer support, ordering, listening to music, searching, etc. They also allow marketers to access customers’ data more quickly and efficiently. Mobile apps are a great way to reach customers and keep them involved in your business. They should definitely be a part of your overall marketing plan.


Email is, unfortunately, the death of direct marketing because email systems are not optimized for email. This is why companies like Constant Contact and Aweber have developed apps for mobile devices. With the rise of apps, companies need to take their marketing seriously. The best apps give customers options and give marketers options. The wrong app, by default, will force customers to sign up or visit the company’s website.


Keeping up with changing customer expectations and trends is an important component to marketing success. Asking the right questions and providing customers with opportunities to buy is much more effective than simply blasting them with offers. It takes smart thinking and creativity to work within the confines of what’s already out there. If you do it right, customers will gladly come back for more.


What does one do when they hit a plateau or fall off the trend radar? There are certainly options like social media, content marketing, and PPC. Each brings its own strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to consider which form of marketing works best for your company.


While keeping up with changing customer expectations is critical to marketing success, it’s not the only thing you need to do. You need to be cognizant of the competition you’re up against and how you can stay ahead of them. Keeping abreast of what’s happening in your industry while taking notes on how you can improve in areas where you’re weak is critical.


There are many other things to think about as well. Don’t jump ship after just one or two forms of marketing. Even if you’ve gotten a lot of sales in a short amount of time, that doesn’t mean your business is a sure bet. Many businesses fail because they didn’t take the time to stay abreast of changing trends. If you do decide to go with something, make sure you get some solid training in how to do it effectively. If you can’t find that kind of training, you may want to think about taking an online course instead.

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